Trakai castle, Lithuania

I am sure to name Trakai as the most impressive castle in Lithuania. It is surrounded by lake Galve.

2017-02-16 16.38.36Trakai Castle was the residence of and the death place of Grand Duke Vytautas, it was one of the capitals of Lithuania. A history lesson about duke Vytautas the Great from Lithuania.

2017-02-16 16.42.58
Bridge for entrance
2017-02-16 16.45.24
A museum is available inside Trakai castle

2017-02-16 16.45.02

2017-02-16 16.47.14
Path around castle for a walk
2017-02-16 16.57.26
Impressive tower
2017-02-16 16.52.52
Extreme sport enthusiasts may be interested in these opportunities.
2017-02-16 16.39.56
Someone is taking a flight. I believe the sight is astonishing.
2017-02-16 17.02.14.jpg
I invite you to aste Lithuanian food on the shore of the lake and admire the sight of Trakai castle in the island
2017-02-16 16.38.36
Trakai castle

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