Verkiu regional park

Verkiu regional park is on the right side of river Neris, in Vilnius city. It was created to save cultural and historical objects – Verkiu and other Classical palaces which are surrounded by reservations. Verkiu regional park consists of Turniskiu, Green lakes landscape, Kalvariju historical and other reservations.

2017-05-22 16.01.31
Verkiu palace
2017-05-22 16.02.09
Verkiu palace

2017-05-22 16.02.33

2017-05-22 16.05.17
River Neris from a top of Verkiu park
2017-05-22 16.06.01
Benches to sit and admire the view of river Neris from a top in the Verkiu park
2017-05-22 16.06.23
Sunlighted view
2017-05-22 16.07.03
Path in the Verkiu park
2017-05-22 16.07.30
Taking down the stairs to river Neris valley
2017-05-22 16.10.55
River Neris side

2017-05-22 16.11.052017-05-22 16.11.102017-05-22 16.11.45

Green lakes resort

2017-05-22 16.49.19

2017-05-22 16.44.382017-05-22 16.44.44

2017-05-22 16.44.482017-05-22 16.49.27


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